Our Mentorship Program supports academic scholars to build confident and effective leaders. Mentoring provides group-based mentoring, career, and academic engagement opportunities for program participants to learn from each other and from the experiences of their mentees. GhPN Mentoring assures scholars that there is a growing community of professionals who are committed to supporting the scholar’s academic and career aspirations by offering resources and sharing career experiences.


GhPN offers 2 mentoring programs:

  • Youth ( 10 – 17 years) –  GhPN Youth
  • Young adults (18+) – Young Adult  (GhPN membership required)

Mentorship Benefits

  • Help mentee build self-confidence

  • Provide career guidance

  • Be a source of information and encouragement

  • Establish clear and open communication

  • Provide productive feedback

  • Guide mentee with difficult academic or career situations without creating dependency

  • Help develop creative and independent thinking

  • Encourage continued growth and development

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