About GhPN

Our mission is to mobilize Ghanaian professionals to support professional, academic, and personal growth.

Ghanaian Professionals Network (GhPN), is an organized group focused on bringing together Ghanaian professionals to build a social and professional network. Our goal is to help support and advance the education and career interests of our beneficiaries, and ultimately influence the image and progress of the Ghanaian community in the Diaspora and back home.
Our Focus



We match program beneficiaries with professionals to provide guidance that fosters professional, academic, and personal growth.

Professional Growth and Social Networking

We facilitate community events and opportunities for social and professional networking.

Achievement Recognition and Academic Scholarships

We celebrate Ghanaian achievements and establish a merit-based scholarship program.

Community Outreach

We engage in community events that uphold the mission of the organization.

Resource Network

We created a platform to facilitate sharing of ideas, partnerships, professional and business collaboration.