About us

Ghanaian Professionals Network, GhPN, is an organized group that brings Ghanaian professionals together to build a vibrant social and professional network.

Our goal is to help support and advance the careers, businesses, and education interests of our community through mentoring, networking, community education and academic scholarship. Ultimately, we want to influence the image and progress of the Ghanaian community in the diaspora and back home.

About GhPN

Our Mission

To Mobilize Ghanaian professionals to support professional, academic, and personal growth.

What We Do

Connecting, Supporting, and Empowering Ghanaian Professionals

The Team

Driven Leaders Committed to Our Mission

Support Our Cause

As a non-profit organization, we rely on the generous support of donors like you to fulfill our mission of connecting, empowering, and uplifting Ghanaian professionals worldwide. Every dollar makes a direct impact in building our network and realizing our vision.

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